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St. Francis Xavier School was officially opened June 15th, 1947 and remains today as it was then, a standing reminder of the importance the people of Stoney Creek attached to Catholic Education. A Census taken in May of 1946, revealed many Catholic students attending local public schools where they received no formal religious instruction. A Separate School Board was formed and Mr. D. McMillan, Mr. F. Caffery and Mr. R. Dastous were the first trustees. Mr. Gordon Kappler, a member of the Hamilton Separate School Board and an ex-officio of the newly formed Board gave considerable time and effort to the planning and erection of the original school building. Pending completion of the school, fifty Catholic children were bussed to St. Anne's School in Hamilton Msgr. Englert helped make the arrangement possible.

The school was the last word in beauty and appointment at that time. It was a solid concrete construction, the first of its kind. There were provisions for four classrooms. One of the finest features was the heating plant which had heat radiating from the floor and the ceiling. The School Sisters of Loretto took charge of the building and school opened in September of that year.

In the words of Father Bodendistel, the first pastor, "It is our earnest hope and desire that every Catholic child in the parish will be in attendance on that first day. In many cases, because of the distance involved, this would mean effort and sacrifice". Our Catholic religion began with the sacrifice of Christ Jesus. So too, would the Catholic families of Stoney Creek, make sacrificing men, women, priests, sisters and laity. It must never be said that St. Francis people were an exception".

Father Bodendistel was the first of many to model these words. Fruitland was out in the country in an area of prime farmland. It was just after World War II. Many people were poor but hard working. Some of the first students walked or rode their bikes to school. The rest, from Winona, Holy Family Camp, Cherry Beach, Crescent Beach, Van Wagner's Beach and 20 Highway came on the school bus. Father Bodendistel drove the school bus, fixed the school bus, fixed the furnace and was generally a "Jack of All Trades".pic 2

In the first year, the school consisted of two classrooms on the top floor. The first floor was a chapel for the parish mass. Sister Syncleta was the principal and she taught Grades 5, 6, 7, and 8. Sister Anne Maire taught Grades 1, 2, 3, 4. These original classrooms are now occupied by our French classes in Room 24 and 25. Brass plaques on the classroom doors dedicate these rooms to Sister Syncleta and Sister Anne Marie.

The strong Catholic Education tradition continued over the next fifty years. Father Bodendistel would be proud of the Catholic schools in our parish. St. Francis Xavier, St. Martin of Tours, St. Agnes, St. Clare of Assisi, Our Lady of peace and Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School. It is a tribute to the strong faith foundation that took root under his leadership fifty years ago.

May the fine tradition of Catholic Education continue in his honour, may we continue to be a people of service in our community. May we always work together to ppovide our children with an education deeply rooted in our Catholic Faith. An education that is not just about academics, but an education that encompasses the whole person on all four levels: spiritually, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. United we stand as we journey..."Together Towards God... Serving in Pride."


Our School Crest

Our new school crest has been designed under the leadership of Ms. Elvira Morosin, Principal, and the 2011-2012 school staff. The new design commemorates the beginning of a new era in Catholic Education for St. Francis Xavier School. The school has and is undergoing many new renovations and beginning a new phase in our Educational journey as we embark on all day Kindergarten for our Students.
The goal was to revitalize the school and to continue to shine our light as a Catholic School in the community. In moving forward in our journey, a new crest was created by Mrs. Vanderlaan's Grade 1 Class together with Loren Ceminara a Grade 8 student. The crest was professionally finalized by a talented teacher and artist Ms. Erin Vanderlaan .The crest and logo are a sign of our school identity and a reflection of our school spirit. The crest is the official school emblem; a continuation of the journey in Catholic Education for our staff ,students and parents. Who have taken up the torch for the sisters of Loretto, together we stand in pride of our rich heritage and together we are Proud to be of service to our community. As a people of the St. Francis Xavier Catholic School Community we ask ourselves; What have we learned, what kind of a people are we becoming? In so doing our new crest represents that we are proud of our heirtage, proud to be at St. Francis, Proud to hold up the cross and live our lives as Jesus did, proud of our faith helping others whenever we can.All the partners, parents, students, staff and community members, contribute to a postive, active and enriching learning environment.
Our former school crest was designed under the leadership of Mr. Sam Galante Principal, Mrs. Mary Tice, Vice Principal and Mrs. Marion Toth Teacher in 1990. The crest and logo were professionally completed by a local graphic artist, Arlene Freeborn. We would like to acknowledge the work of this group and thank them for the contribution they made to our school community.
It was built around the theme of a sailing vessel. The ship represents the missionary travels of St. Francis Xavier who sailed to Goa, Japan and the islands near mainland China. He converted thousands of people to Christianity. Today, St. Francis Xavier is known as the patron saint of navigators.
The cross in the centre of the mask represents the crucifix, a symbol of our faith. The star on the mask represents the light of God guiding us on our journey of faith, our journey of life and our journey as life-long learners. The three people represent the variety and diversity of our school community. The motto "Together Toward God" unifies us in our common mission as we grow spiritually, academically and socially guided by the light of our faith. Our life journey is supported by our faith community.
The logo was designed to promote school spirit. It is a symbol of pride and unity built around the theme of a family, the symbols represent both male and females at different ages and stages of ability. Team spirit is important. Just as a family supports each member, so to must we work and play co-operatively in a spirt of friendship and loyalty. The logo represents the pride we have for each other and for our school community. It is a symbol of our shared commitment to work together for the good of all and to pride ourselves in the contributions made by each member of our school community.
Let us continue to use these symbols as a sign of our faith in God and pride in our school community as we move "Together Toward God" in our journey here at St. Francis Xavier School.


Saint Francis Xavier
st francis x

FRANCIS XAVIER, ST. (1506-1552). The great missionary St. Francis Xavier was from a Basque noble family, like his beloved mentor St. Ignatius Loyola. When Francis met Ignatius in Paris he was a proud, autocratic, ambitious man wanting to accomplish great deeds in the world. For three years Ignatius patiently encouraged Francis to look at his life differently. “What profits a man,” Ignatius asked Francis, “if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”

Francis Xavier was ordained in 1537. In 1541 King John of Portugal asked Ignatius for priests to send to the missions in India. Despite knowing he would never see his beloved companion again, Ignatius chose Francis Xavier for the mission. Francis left for India, arriving at the city of Goa in 1542. For the next ten years the missionary Francis Xavier traveled from Goa to Cape Comorin in south India, then to the East Indies, Malacca, and the Moluccas, and onward to Japan. It was Francis Xavier’s great ambition to get permission to enter China as a missionary. He died in 1552, exhausted from his labors and fasts, on a small island off the coast of China with a single companion at his side.
St. Francis Xavier’s great ambition was to bring the world to Jesus Christ. Armed only with his breviary and a book of meditations, Francis preached the Gospel to the poor and sick, spending most of his time ministering to their needs. His nights were taken up in prayer. His only attention to his personal needs was to have a pair of boots. He barely ate enough to stay alive. As the missionary Francis Xavier, SJ, moved on, he left behind flourishing churches that were the foundations for the Catholic faith in Asia.


St. Francis Xavier Daily Touchstone Prayer

Through the intervention of our Patron Saint, St. Francis Xavier we pray,

May Christ be the centre of our school, our learning, our work and our play.
May Christ be the centre of our families and friendships and all we meet.
May Christ be the centre of our character, in our words, our actions and our hearts.